By Justin Ossont

For the first time since 1992, Valley View has left the regular season with a clean slate. Not a single a loss. One of the area’s most historic teams has once again found its way into the post season to defend the den.

Just want to go over some numbers with the folks about how the Cougars have been able to leave no blemishes in the loss column.

8.1. That is the average number of points Valley View has allowed their opponents to score during the regular season. That also includes two shutouts, zeros in the opposing teams score column. Both of those come during road victories, Dallas (33-0) and Abington Heights (42-0).

This also brings up the point of how the Cougars are able to go into other teams stadiums and leave them wondering, what just hit us?

4.2 is the average amount of points the Cougars give up when they are away hunting from their loving den.

Usually opposing teams love to be on their home turf, yet something about the Cougars makes offensives go off kilter when they play. Also, 4.2?  The Cougars do not even allow a touchdown mathematically on the road!

That is mainly thanks to Traon Jones, the senior linebacker who is causing havoc in the backfield. Jones is able to get past opposing lineman and track down the ball.  With defensive lineman such as Johnny Shnipes and Kevin Duffy forcing opposing lineman to focus on them, they have helped Jones become a leader in tackles and sacks for District 2 as well as the state.

The turnover belt has been shining on the sidelines this season with players hoisting it after big turnovers.  For example, Zack Kovalchik was awarded the title for a pick-six against Dallas, a team known to air the ball out.  Kovulchik took the interception 24 yards for a Cougar touchdown during the Dallas game.

Offensively the Cougars are rolling! Everything is clicking from blocking, to running, and the passing game has both major yards and catches that are even more spectacular.

Mason Kordish is chasing down his father’s stats that have helped shaped Cougar football.  Mason’s father, the great Cougar Randy, passed away in 2007.  If you blink, you will miss his quick speed down the sidelines.

The offensive line are being led by senior tackle Mike Sebastianelli and senior tackle Brian Durkin. The two lineman have been assisting opening holes for Kordish as well as keeping junior quarterback Janaasah Boone off his back.

Boone has caused headaches for defensive coordinators across District 2 all season. His footwork is spectacular, his throwing mechanics are precise, and his vision boundless. The natural talent he brings is unparalleled.

With all the firepower, the Cougars average 33.2 points of offense.

That is a difference of +25.1 points for the Cougars.

So to wrap this up, as Head Coach George Howanitz has said since taking the helm of Valley View back in 2007, to be the champ you have to beat the champ.

Now Coach Howantiz was channeling his inner Rick Flair, but his players and coaching staff have bought into it.

To win the District 2 Class 4A title, teams are going to have to enter the den, where only the Cougars survive. One final note on the den, the Cougars are 11-1 at John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium over the last two years, home is where the heart is.